Wednesday, April 30, 2008

San Rafael, CA, 4/30/2008

Outside, at the parking lot, fierce beasts of transportation gleam while resting/digesting four dollars per gallon fuel -almost immersed in the landscape of gently rolling, soft light green hills, embroidered with pompon like trees of a deeper shade.

The crow awaits, sneaky, for a piece of sandwich, carelessly dropped into a hopefully lidless trash can.

I watch -seating on an immaculate bench, surrounded by white flowers, resting my back on a sign that forbids smoking, smoking.

The sun watches and does not care.

Further on, the highway lays flat as it is run over by a recently rested/digested, endless stream of gleaming, fuel devouring cars, at a uniformly high speed.

The sun watches and it does not care.

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